Summer Camps

Program Types

Summer Camp! Your Ideal Summer!

Fun Chinese Summer Camp is developed by a group of enthusiastic, certified and experienced teachers as well as a team of fluent Mandarin-speaking assistant counselors who are very passionate about Chinese teaching and learning. They are always focusing on encouraging students to learn through relationship building, working hand-in-hand with students to continuously improve themselves and reinforcing a positive approach toward learning culture that supports sustainability. All the teachers, assistant counselors, staff members and students have created an attitude, climate, and culture where we believe in students and students believe in themselves. We provide students with high-quality, engaging instruction in a safe and supportive environment, and we learn together, grow together, and have fun together. Students, teachers, assistant counselors and staff members alike, know that we are truly working together to achieve our mission of striving to excel and motivate students. For more information please click "Here".

Group Lessons

Group lessons are designed for students who have acquired basic conversation level of Mandarin. Students are able to communicate with peers by using Mandarin. In the group class, immersion  techniques are main focuses for the curriculum and instruction. Our learning strategies are constructed mainly base on student-centered design. The maximum of  the class size is 2 to 6 students. For more information please click "Here".

Private Lessons

We provide private lessons for one-on-one learning setting. For a novice leaner, one-on-one lessons can be helpful for him or her to concentrate the beginner lessons.
Our teachers help inspire academic success in your children. They not only have Mandarin Chinese expertise, but also know how to connect with students, giving your child the personal attention and motivation to thrive at home and at school. Mainly, our language lessons provide valuable insight into your child's academic needs. Teachers keep your child engaged and motivated to learn. For more information please click "Here".