Pei-Ling Lee, Ph.D.

Pei-Ling Lee has worked in the education field for more than 20 years and taught children using technology to learn Mandarin Chinese for over seven years. Pei-Ling holds a Ph.D. degree in Educational Administration from The University of Texas at Austin.

Pei-Ling has not only designed and developed effective curriculum for improving students’ Chinese language and culture learning but also organized teacher workshops for advancing teachers’ knowledge and skills to better serve their students. She frequently attends teacher training organized by various entities to acquire the most current and best teaching practices of Chinese language learning.

Pei-Ling believes all kids can learn. Students will learn best when they can make a connection between the curriculum and their interests and life experiences. Differentiated instruction can definitely help students to succeed. "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and remember. Involve me and I learn" (Benjamin Franklin). Franklin’s quote embodies the core tenants of her teaching philosophy that she has developed.


Amy Liao, MS

Amy Liao obtained her Master's degree in biomedical engineering from a University in Taiwan. She actively participated in various children education activities and discovered her passion for helping kids learn. After coming to the United States, Amy works immediately as a Chinese teacher for many years and enjoys teaching kids as well. Her goals are to build a happy and positive Chinese learning environment for her students, assist them to understand the beauty and meaning of Chinese characters, and enable them to apply the language in real life. 


Josephine Chen, BA

Josephine Chen majors in music at a university in Taiwan and spent her leisure time in helping kids learning both Chinese and English. She started working in the public right after her graduation, seeing and getting along with different people in many aspects, and feeling different culture around the globe. After 25 years flying all around the world, she has a hope to make every kid with Chinese blood to speak out their native language and inherit the glory of Chinese culture. Now, she is making her dream come true.