Group Lessons - 2016 Fall

Introduction to Mandarin, kids Chinese courses in 2016 Fall semester are designed for kids' ages 3 and up based on the children’s personalities and their hobbies. This Chinese course helps kids learn Chinese through playing games and discussing fun topics through project-based learning design. Pictures and real objects are used frequently in the class to retain kids’ interest and satisfy their inquisitive minds.

According to students' language proficiency level, we design different courses to meet their needs. Mandarin lessons are offered for 90 minutes every Sunday during the school semester. Students are taught the fundamentals of Mandarin at the pace of their maturity. Learners need to be able to listen and follow the directions in order to learn effectively.

Lessons start with the speaking and listening of the language. Once they understand their assignment, more steps are added until they are ready to learn a full lesson. All the lessons proceed at the pace of the student's language abilities as well. Students are able to communicate with peers by using Mandarin. Immersion techniques are main focuses for the curriculum and instruction. Our learning strategies are constructed mainly base on student-centered and project-based design. The class size is 2 to 6 students. Please contact us at or (330) 992-9688 for more information.

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Currently, varied Mandarin Chinese programs are offered below:

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Courses (Every Sunday)

  • Intermediate Chinese                                    1:30-3:00                            $260/per semester ($25/per session)
  • Chinese (II)                                                       1:30-3:00                           $260/per semester ($25/per session)
  • Chinese (I)                                                        1:30-3:00                           $260/per semester ($25/per session)
  • Beginner Chinese (I)                                       3:30-4:30                           $195/per semester ($20/per session)
  • Beginner Chinese  (II)                                     3:30-4:30                            $195/per semester ($20/per session)
  • Chinese as a Second Language                     3:15-4:30                            $260/per semester ($25/per session)

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Arts and Crafts (Every Sunday)

  • Chinese Calligraphy                                                                 3:30-4:30            $150/per semester
  • Chinese Toys                                                                             3:30-4:30            $120/per semester ( Minimum 3 Students)  
  • Theater Art in Chinese                                                            3:30-4:30            $120/per semester ( Minimum 3 Students)                      

Free Adult Lesson for Upper Beginner Level            1 - 2 pm (Every Friday)            Registration Fee $30/per semester

Weekday Pre-School Chinese Courses (10:00 am -12:00 pm Every Tuesday, please click HERE for the details.)

If you already register the Chinese language class, you will receive 10% discount for the Craft and Art class(es). Siblings 10% discount will be applied.


We only accept cash in person. Payment is limited to one semester at a time (If you have any questions regarding to the one time payment, please contact us directly).  Please make sure to write your student(s)' name(s) on the envelope.

Tuition Refund Policy

Prior to the beginning of the term through the second week, 100 percent of tuition can be refunded.

After the end of the third week of classes, no refunds are offered.

*We reserve the right to cancel any class if enrollment is insufficient. In this instance any tuition paid will be refunded in full, or can be applied to an alternate class.